Livin Water

Growing up without a father, Livin Water lacked self-esteem. Without having his mother around, it kept him searching for comfort by other means. Livin Water was never a product of the habits he picked up, but a product of the moments he was caught in. Due to a severe case of low self-esteem, he started music in his late twenties. He had no background in music, no friends, no guidance or family creating in music. Livin Water took many losses just trying to find his voice in a world he was not raised in.

Born Bryant Anderson, (Livin Water) found his niche. Livin Water has made a name for himself with passion, honest lyrics, energy, and a way with words that cut to the core. Many have stated, “There is something different about Livin Water’s music.” It’s a certain bright light of energy. Bryant Anderson states, his inner boy pops up every now and then in the form of self-doubt, esteem when rejected, and self-worth when not accepted by his peers. Livin Water keeps going against all odds. He stated, “If I stop now, how will that young kid going through what he’s going through, know that he can make it?”