Constant Battle

Constant Battle is a Christian Hip-Hop artist based out of Buffalo, NY. Constant Battle released his first single “On Our Job” off his newest album. The single is a cry out for idle Christians to get back on the job of ministering the word of Christ. 

As a faith-based rapper, Constant Battle knew that his calling extended beyond the secular world of hip-hop. His passion for music has evolved and constantly shows in the way he expresses others to enjoy Christ through song. While the single “On Our Job” is the debut single released, listeners will get the chance to hear Constant Battle’s desire for Christians to show love, grace, mercy and more. 

Constant Battle has aspired to inspire others through not only his music, but through his personal testimony. Working with local artists in Buffalo and even co-directing videos, his testimony shines through his crafty metaphors and slick lines. In 2009, Battle’s first studio album “Are You Ready Pt.1” was released followed by a flux of mixtapes for his fans. His current project isn’t just considered a follow-up, but more of a sigh of relief for the built-up anticipation since album number one. For more information about “On Our Job” and Constant Battle, please visit 

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